“The Lord shall preserve thy soul.”

Genesis 39:1-6, 16-23

Genesis 36:1-2

Grace enabled Joseph to make the best of his position, and to be amiable, industrious, and useful. This was as it should be. A child of God, even as a slave, should honour his religion, and God will bless hint in so doing.

Genesis 36:3

This shews that Joseph did not fall into Egyptian idolatry, but avowed his faith in Jehovah, so that his master saw that Jehovah was with him.

Genesis 36:4

The fear of God leads to honesty and faithfulness, and this is often the road to promotion even among men. Godliness hath the promise of the life that now is.

Genesis 36:6

This became a trial to him. Personal beauty is a dangerous gift: we must not be proud of it, but be the more guarded in our conduct if we possess it.

Joseph found a tempter in his master’s wife, who would have led him into great sin. He refused to listen to her disgraceful request, and said, “How can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” The wicked woman again and again sought to lead him astray, and at last seized him, and held him, so that, to escape from her, he had to leave his garment in her hand. Then her wicked heart turned to malice, and she charged Joseph with being guilty of that unclean action which he had so earnestly refused.

Genesis 36:16-18

Thus she convinced her husband by showing the garment, which, could it have spoken, would have declared his innocence. A great deal of evidence may be brought against a perfectly innocent man. Let us, therefore, be slow to condemn persons of unblemished character.

Genesis 36:19, 20

Here his feet were hurt with fetters, and the iron entered into his soul.

Genesis 36:21

God is as much with his servants in a prison as in a palace; he does not desert us however low we may be brought.

Genesis 36:22

When a good man is thrown down he is soon up again. Truth ever floats where sin is drowned.

Genesis 36:23

May each youthful descendant of godly parents be so kept by God’s grace that the Lord may always be with him. Keep God’s favour, and nothing is lost. Lose that, and all is gone.


Endow me, Lord, with godly fear,

A quick discerning eye,

To look to thee when sin is near,

And from the tempter fly.


Create in me a holy mind,

A sin-abhorring will,

That tramples down, and casts behind

The baits of pleasing ill.


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