Yes, God is for me

Genesis 40:1, 3-23

Genesis 40:3, 4

Thus providence regulated the royal household with an eye to Joseph, who was even in prison favoured of the Lord.

Genesis 40:5

Not only men awake but asleep also shall be made to serve Joseph’s interests.

Genesis 40:6, 7

Thus should we show kindly sympathy, and seek each other’s welfare. What was fitting in a prison is even more so in a family.

Genesis 40:8-11

Joseph bore brave witness to the living God; every believer should do so.

Genesis 40:12-15

How lovingly does Joseph hide his brethren’s fault, and speak not of his being sold but “stolen.” He was stolen, for the Ishmeelites bought what the sellers had no right to sell. Let us use the gentlest word when called to speak of the wrong doing of others.

Genesis 40:20-22

Whether for good or evil, the word of the Lord will be accomplished. Be it ours to have it in reverence.

Genesis 40:23

Sad would it have been for Joseph had he put his trust in man; but though the butler forgot him his God did not. The Lord was reserving Joseph for a more timely deliverance; he was to come out of prison to a throne, and that was best secured by his waiting a little longer. It is good for a man to hope, and quietly wait for the salvation of God.


Put thou thy trust in God;

In duty’s path go on;

Fix on himself thy steadfast eye,

So shall thy work be done.


Though years on years roll on

His mercy shall endure;

Though clouds and darkness hide his path,

His promised grace is sure.


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