Secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him

Genesis 41:1, 8-16, 25-36

Two years rolled away and Joseph was still in prison, for the right time had not come. If the vision tarry let us wait for it.

Genesis 41:14

Joseph was under no obligation to any one for his release; he was fetched out of prison because the king needed him. Like his ancestor Abraham he owed not a thread or a shoe latchet to any man. God’s people shall thus be made the head and not the tail. The king of Egypt could not say, “I have made Joseph rich.” The Lord will exalt his servants in the best time, and in the best manner.

Genesis 41:16

Then the king detailed his double dream to Joseph, which was at once interpreted by divine illumination, Joseph humbly and plainly ascribing all his knowledge to the true God. Pharaoh had complimented him, but he was not a man of vain mind, and therefore disclaimed all honour for himself.

Genesis 41:33-36

Here was practical wisdom. This is what we should seek of God. Knowledge is of little service unless it be prudently utilised. To be anxiously careful for the future is wrong, but provident prudence is so evidently a virtue, that we wonder any should question it.


Ill that God blesses is our good,

And unblest good is ill,

And all is right that seems most wrong,

If it be his dear will.


I have no cares, O blessed Lord!

For all my cares are thine;

I live in triumph, Lord, for thou

Hast made thy triumphs mine.


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