VIDEO There Is Still Power in the Blood – If I Were The Devil

“Don’t believe in the Devil? That’s exactly where Satan wants you. He and his demonic hosts are working hard to deceive you because he knows his time is running out and he will soon be cast into the bottomless pit. One pastor told me to leave Satan alone because “If we leave him alone he will leave us alone.” That’s dumb because he doesn’t intend to leave you or your family alone. You must learn how to stand against him.

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In this book you will find how:
– Demons enter in the first place.
– How to be set free from demonic bondage.
– How to stay free.
– Pit falls Satan hopes you will fall into so he can destroy you and your family.
– How to have a close walk with Jesus Christ and enjoy victory in your life.


The author has been a Pastor for over forty years and has been in the deliverance ministry for much of it

Available in paperback, hard-copy or on Kindle

If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey

Jesus Trust Him He Will Never Let Go

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