The Lord tries the righteous


Genesis 42:1-4, 6-10, 13-24

Genesis 42:2

It is wise to seek relief, and not sit down in despair. If we need heavenly bread we must bestir ourselves and go to Jesus for it.

Genesis 42:6

Now was his dream fulfilled, though two-and-twenty years had intervened, and he had passed through slavery and prison.

Genesis 42:16

Evil communications corrupt good manners. Joseph swears by the life of Pharaoh. He did it to conceal his true character, for they would assuredly judge that such was not the language of the seed of Israel.

Genesis 42:17

He awakened their reflections by exciting their fears, dealing with them in the same manner as the Lord does with sinners whom he intends to reconcile unto himself. Divine severity brings the chosen to repentance.

Genesis 42:18

This assurance must have been alike surprising and consoling to them. He who fears God will do his fellow men no wrong.

Genesis 42:21

Their sin found them out, as ours will do sooner or later. When we sow wild oats we ought to remember that we shall have to reap them.

Genesis 42:22

He who has a clear conscience is buoyed up in times of calamity.

Genesis 42:23, 24

This is a touching picture. Joseph in his great wisdom felt bound not to reveal himself at once, but his love was so great that he could not restrain his tears. When the Lord deals roughly with sinners to make them more deeply conscious of sin, he loves them notwithstanding all. Jesus has an eye of sympathy for weeping penitents.


Oh that I could repent,

With all my idols part,

And to thy gracious eyes present

A humble, contrite heart.


Jesus on me bestow

The penitent desire;

With true sincerity of woe

My aching breast inspire.


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