“His banner over me was love.”

Genesis 43:15, 16, 18-23, 26-34

So deeply interesting is this story of Joseph, that we must needs linger over it. The Holy Spirit indulges us with details, and we may be sure that he intended our profit thereby.

Genesis 43:15-16

Thus Joseph’s love sought an opportunity for closer personal intercourse with them.

Genesis 43:18

Love intended pleasure, but fear turned it into dread. Beware of doubts and mistrusts of the Lord Jesus, lest even his goodness should make us afraid.

Genesis 43:19-22

Open confession was natural to honest men when in fear; it is also the ready way to peace with God.

Genesis 43:23

The hostage being delivered all was well. The bringing of our Lord Jesus from the dead was a token for good to all his brethren.

Genesis 43:28

By calling their father “thy servant,” and making obeisance for themselves and him, they fulfilled his second dream. The sun and the moon and the eleven stars did him homage.

Genesis 43:29, 30

Love longs to express itself, but there is a time for everything. Jesus loves his brethren always, but he prudently conceals himself at times for their good.

Genesis 43:31-34

How they must have wondered while they feasted to see the order in which he placed them, and the favour shown to Benjamin. How plainly everything said, “I am. Joseph” yet they perceived him not; and just so, despite all the loving deeds of Jesus, none ever discover him till he reveals himself by his Spirit.


Speak to us, Lord, thyself reveal,

While here on earth we rove;

Speak to our hearts and let us feel

The kindlings of thy love.


With thee conversing, we forget

All time, and toil, and care;

Labour is rest, and pain is sweet,

If thou, our God, art there.


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