“Thou has pleaded the causes of my soul.”


Genesis 44:14-34

Joseph ordered a silver cup to be placed in Benjamin’s sack, and when his brethren had set out upon their journey he sent his steward after them to bring them back. By this means Joseph tried his brethren, and brought them into a fit condition to be informed of their relationship. Our reading commences with the scene when the brothers had been brought back into Joseph’s court-house.

Genesis 44:15

This he said to help himself in acting the part he had assumed.

Genesis 44:16

Though innocent of the present charge, Judah confesses that their sad plight was well deserved by other sins.)

Genesis 44:17

To this Judah, the surety, could not yield; but pleaded in a marvellously touching manner. Note how eloquent he was. Our surety is our advocate, and his pleadings are mighty.

Genesis 44:18-34

The power of Judah’s advocacy lay very much in its truth. It is a simple unvarnished narrative of facts. But its master weapon is found in the proposed substitution of himself for Benjamin. He is ready to smart for his suretyship. Do we not remember how Judah’s great antitype not only proferred to be our substitute but actually was so: in this lies the power of his intercession.


Where high the heavenly temple stands,

The house of God not made with hands,

Jesus, our Judah, stands to plead,

A brother born for time of need.


He, who for men their surety stood,

And pour’d on earth his precious blood,

Pursues in heaven his mighty plan,

The advocate and friend of man.


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