“He loved me.”

Genesis 45:1-15

After Judah’s thrilling speech a solemn pause would follow. All hearts were full, but all tongues were silent.

Genesis 45:1

It was not meet that strangers should view that tender scene. When Jesus reveals himself to his chosen, it is “not unto the world.”

Genesis 45:2

His heart long pent up burst forth at last uncontrollably.

Genesis 45:3

How amazed they must have been to see before them the brother whom they sold for a slave, and themselves in his power. What a discovery the soul makes when it perceives that Jesus whom it crucified is Lord and God.

Genesis 45:4

Tenderness courts communion and seeks to cast out fear. The words before us are such as Jesus uses to his troubled brethren; let us not be slow to draw near.

Genesis 45:5-8

He has so completely pardoned them, that he does not speak of forgiving them himself, but urges them to forgive themselves. He labours to expel from them the sorrow of the world which worketh death, for he knew that there would then be more room for godly sorrow.

Genesis 45:9, 10

To be near to Joseph would be the choicest joy to Jacob. To be in fellowship with Jesus is the believer’s heaven.

Genesis 45:11

He who forgives provides bountifully for the pardoned ones. Those whom Jesus cleanses from sin shall have all their wants supplied.

Genesis 45:14

The loves of Jesus and his favoured ones are mutual. What one feels the other feels.

Genesis 45:15

These kisses were seals of love, comparable to the witness of the Spirit in believing men. Such tokens unloose the tongue, and enable us to talk with Jesus in the holy familiarities of sacred fellowship. “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth” saith the spouse in the song. Amen. The Lord do so unto each one of us.


Oh see how Jesus trusts himself

Unto our childish love,

As though by his free ways with us

Our earnestness to prove!


His sacred name a common word

On earth he loves to hear;

There is no majesty in him

Which love may not come near.


The light of love is round his feet,

His paths are never dim;

And he comes nigh to us when we

Dare not come nigh to him.



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