“We shall see Him as He is.”

Genesis 46:29-34

Genesis 46:30

As if now he could lie down and sleep, for his last desire was fulfilled. Bishop Hall says, “And if the meeting of earthly friends be so unspeakably comfortable, how happy shall we be in the light of the glorious face of God our Father! of that of our blessed Redeemer, whom we sold to death for our sins, and who now, after his noble triumph, hath all power given him in heaven and earth”

Genesis 46:33, 34

To speak the honest truth is always the best policy, and to follow an honest calling the best condition. Joseph might have bid them ask to be made nobles, but he knew that they would prosper better as shepherds. “Seekest thou great things for thyself, seek them not.”

Genesis 47:2-10, 12

Genesis 47:2-9

He avowed himself a pilgrim, thus bearing witness to the hope which sustained him, but he gave to Pharaoh a more gloomy view of pilgrim life than Abraham or Isaac would have done. However, since this man of many trials yet reached the promised rest, even so shall every afflicted believer.

Genesis 47:10

The reverend age of Jacob gave him liberty to bless even the monarch of the land. An old mans blessing is precious. Let us so act towards the aged, that they may invoke blessings upon us.

Genesis 47:12

Thus our elder brother Jesus, who is Lord over the whole earth for the good of his church, takes care to nourish all his Father’s household “according to their families? Be pleased, O Jesus, to let this family share in thy great love.


When famine frowns and fields are bare

God shall for saints provide;

He has a land of Goshen where

He makes their souls abide.


In darkest times they need not fear,

Their wants are all foreknown;

Jesus their Lord shall now appear

As Joseph on the throne.


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