The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

Job 28

Let us read Job’s famous passage upon the search after wisdom, and in order that we may see its beauties we will read it in an accurate translation; arranged as it should be in parallel lines.

Job 28:3-4

The following verses describe the operations of mining, and the hazards of the miner.

Job 28:3-4

That is to say, having no use for their feet in descending the shaft, they swing in mid air.

Job 28:5-9

The solid rock is broken, and the kills are undermined by those who search for precious metals. Their tunnels pierce the centre of the Alps, and tear out the bowels of the hills.

Job 28:10-11

Miners take great care to prevent the water from breaking in upon them so as to flood the mines, and by such care they are able to penetrate into earth’s deep places, and reveal her secrets.

Job 28:12-17

Glass in ancient times was a costly article, used only for splendour and luxury, but however precious it might be, wisdom far excels it.

Job 28:28

Job comes to the same conclusion as Solomon, who said, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” True religion is priceless beyond all the treasures of earth. Seek it first, ye children and young men; for then shall you be truly rich. Jesus is the Captain of the mine of wisdom, and he will show you the lodes of precious knowledge.


In vain we search; in vain we try;

Till Jesus brings his gospel nigh;

‘Tis there such power and glory dwell

As save rebellious souls from hell.


Let men or angels dig the mines,

Where nature’s golden treasure shines;

Brought near the doctrine of the cross,

All nature’s gold appears but dross.



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