“Thou art God alone.”

Job 39:19-30

The sublime language of Jehovah in his address to Job is far above all human eloquence. Let us take a second lesson from that divine discourse. First, let us read the unrivalled description of a war-horse.

Job 39:19-25

He who created a creature so noble, powerful, and courageous, is not to be summoned to our bar, or questioned as to what he does.

Job 39:26

We commonly speak of instinct. What is it but the teaching of God? He who has given so much wisdom to birds and beasts is full of wisdom himself. Let us bow before him, and rest assured that what he does is ever best.

Job 39:30

Far-seeing and terrible, the royal bird belongs not to the kings of the earth though they figure it upon their banners: it is but another incarnation of the sublime thoughts of God, a further illustration of his greatness.

Job 40:1-14

Job 40:9

If we fancy that we can vie with God in justice, we are challenged first to compete with him in power. All the attributes of God are equally great, and if we cannot rival one, it will be wise not to impugn another.

Job 40:10

Come thou poor glow-worm, put forth thy light, and see if thou art comparable to the sun.

Job 40:11-14

Until we can manage providence as the Lord has done, so as to abase tyrants and deliver the oppressed, we had better learn submission to the divine will, and cease for ever from all rebellious questionings.


In heaven and earth, in air and seas,

He executes His wise decrees:

And by His saints it stands confest,

That what He does is ever best.


Wait, then, my soul, submissive wait,

With reverence bow before His seat;

And, midst the terrors of His rod,

Trust in a wise and gracious God.



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