“Who is on the Lord’s side.”

Exodus 2:1-10

Exodus 2:4

to wit or know

Faith watches to see what God will do.

Exodus 2:5

Providence is manifest here. How was the ark kept from the crocodiles? Why did the princess come to that particular spot? How came her eye to light upon that little floating coffer hidden among the bulrushes? Why should she desire to look within it? Surely the Lord’s hand was in it all.

Exodus 2:6

The providence which brought the princess to the spot, brought the tears into the babe’s eyes at the very moment when they would be seen, and aid in touching the beholder’s pity.

Exodus 2:7, 8

How graciously the Lord arranges for us.

Exodus 2:9

Thus speaks the Lord to every godly mother. No service upon earth is so well repaid to a parent as the pious nurture of her children.

Hebrews 11:24-26

Hebrews 11:24

He had been so called in his youthful days, but when he could choose for himself he declined the highest rank as an Egyptian, and took his place with persecuted Israel.

Acts 7:22-29

Acts 7:22

His education, when sanctified by God’s Spirit, helped to prepare him for his eminent position as the leader and lawgiver of the tribes. No other prophet until our Lord came was mighty both in words and deeds.

Acts 7:23

The life of Moses divides itself into three forties—forty at court, forty with Jethro, and forty in the wilderness.

Acts 7:24-28

The mission of the greatest and best of men is not at once perceived.


Now for the love I bear His name,

What was my gain I count my loss;

My former pride I call my shame,

And nail my glory to His cross.


Yes, and I must and will esteem

All things but loss for Jesus’ sake:

Oh may my soul be found in Him,

And of His righteousness partake!



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