There will be silence before Thee… ” (Psalm 65:1a)


Silence: A rather unfamiliar experience in today’s world.


Not much practiced.


Not much allowed in our cacophony of shrill voices, trite opinions, endless information, and the blaring of brassy music and mind-numbing media dissipation.


To be alone before God in SILENCE is either








Depending upon the condition of one’s soul.


There will be silence before Thee… ”


When, in that Day, we appear before The Consuming Presence, the righteous Lamb, slain, resurrected, and now reigning…


There will be SILENCE.” (Revelation 8:1)


For some the silence will turn to worship, adulation, fullness of joy and eternal bliss.


For the rest it will mean weeping and gnashing of teeth: Eternal separation from all that is good, righteous and pure. (See Matthew 8:12)


Amidst the clamor and cluttering noise of our day, it behooves us to learn to live in the presence of God in SILENCE.


For it is here and only here that He will be known.


Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a)



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