“Though He cause grief, yet will He have compassion.”

Exodus 5:1-4, 6-23

Exodus 5:2

Though his proud spirit defied Jehovah, he had before long good reason to know who Jehovah was.

Exodus 5:3

This was by no means a large demand, and was doubtless meant to be a test question. He who would not yield the less would be sure to refuse the greater.

Exodus 5:4

let or hinder

Exodus 5:4

With what impudent scorn he defied the messengers of the Lord, haughtily treating them as slaves, who had better go back to their labour at once.

Exodus 5:6-9

As the bricks were made of mud mixed with straw, and the straw had hitherto been supplied to them in the brickfields, it was a heavy addition to their toils when they had to collect straw themselves.

Exodus 5:15, 16

These poor Israelitish officers thought that the Egyptian taskmasters were unwarrantably keeping back the straw, but indeed they were acting under the King’s own orders.

Exodus 5:17-21

Things are always worst when they are about to mend, but these downcast spirits could not see far before them.

Exodus 5:22, 23

Moses did well thus to refer the case to the Lord. Let us bring all our troubles to our heavenly Father.


Mighty Redeemer set me free

From my old state of sin,

O break these bonds of slavery,

This iron worn within.


From daily load and daily smart

Thy pleading captive free,

Then shall my liberated heart

Thy willing servant be.



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