From Wealthy Rancher To Impoverished Cave-Dweller

That’s the story of Lot, the nephew of Abraham. Here’s how he did it:




1. He embraced the negative values of Abraham:


Lot observed Abraham as he sacrificed Sarah to Pharaoh to save his neck. Years later, Lot also attempted to save his neck (and those of his house guests), by offering to give his daughters to the men of Sodom (See Genesis 12:1-12; 19:4-8).


2. He allowed himself to be overtaken by greed:


When prosperity forced Abraham and Lot to separate, Lot ravenously chose the better portion of land for himself (Genesis 13:1-11).


3. He loved the world’s sinful environment:


After separating from Abraham, he settled next to wicked Sodom (Genesis 13:12; 19:15, 16).




1. He demonstrated no confidence in God’s Word:


When the angels told him to flee Sodom, he hesitated and sought a compromise (Genesis 19:16-20).


2. He destroyed his family spiritually:

  • His sons-in-law had no respect for God’s Word when spoken by him (Genesis 19:14).
  • His wife lost her life by embracing his values (Genesis 19:17, 26).
  • His daughters (who, no doubt were traumatized by his disregard for them) stooped to an incestuous relationship with him in order to preserve the family line (Genesis 19:4-8, 32-36).

3. He experienced the reduction of his life from rancher to an impoverished cave-dweller (Genesis 13:5, 6; 19:30).


Perhaps the most astonishing thing about this story is Peter’s assessment of this rancher gone awry, in referring to him as “Righteous Lot” (See 2 Peter 2:7). If that isn’t the grace of God, I don’t know what is!




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