“The Lord shall reign for ever and ever.”

Exodus 14:15-31

Exodus 14:15

We read not that Moses had spoken a word; but his heart cried unto the Lord. The Lord bade him no longer hesitate, but cry, “Forward,” and advance through the sea.

Exodus 14:16-19

The glory of the Lord was their rereward.

Exodus 14:20

Both God’s word and providence have a twofold aspect, they frown on sinners while they smile on saints. Thus God still sets a difference between Israel and Egypt.

Exodus 14:22

Calmly the historian records it, but what a wonder is here! Water erect like solid ice, and a damp sea bed made dry and fit to be a highway for a marching army.

Exodus 14:23

What infatuation! Were they beguiled by the darkness around them or that within them?

Exodus 14:24-25

One look from Jehovah was enough, one flash from his eye of fire, struck the host with panic.

Exodus 14:26-28

Even thus “our tyrannous sins are buried and drowned, and though they be sought for they shall not be found.”

Exodus 14:29-30

So completely was Egypt shattered, that though the Israelites were for forty years close to the Egyptian borders, they were never molested by their former oppressors.

Exodus 14:31

And well they might, but, alas, this good state of mind did not last long.


Awake, awake, thou mighty Arm,

Which has such wonders wrought!

Which captive Israel freed from harm,

And out of Egypt brought.


Art thou not it which Rahab slew?

And crush’d the dragon’s head?

Constrain’d by thee the waves withdrew

From their accustom’d bed.


Again thy wonted prowess show,

Be thou made bare again:

And let thine adversaries know

That they resist in vain.



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