God Helps The People Who Are In Desperate Need

A sinking ship: “Master, we are perishing!


A naked maniac: “And seeing Jesus, he cried out with a loud voice… ”


A dying daughter: The father “fell at Jesus feet and began to entreat Him… ”


A bleeding woman: She came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak… ”


All helpless — and in grave need of the Master’s touch.


Mans extremity becomes Gods opportunity.


The Gospels are silent however, about any dramatic life changes among the faceless masses who seemed to view Jesus simply as a nice idea. To them, observing and being around Christ was something like a spectator sport. WATCH BUT DONT GET TOO INVOLVED.”


By contrast, Christ extended His compassion to those souls fortunate enough to have run out of options — people who were at the end of their rope.



  • The ship made it to shore.
  • The maniac found healing and peace in Christ.
  • The dying daughter was restored to full health.
  • The woman’s bleeding was stopped.

Today, if you are in serious need of the Master’s healing or helping hand, understand that He awaits your cry for help. By faith appropriate Him now.


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