In Search of Wholeness

John 6:26-35

God created His people to be comfortable in their own skin. In spiritual terms, humans are designed to experience peace, joy, and contentment. But many people go through life feeling fragmented and empty. They are searching for a person or philosophy that will satisfy their hunger for meaning, but they end up experiencing only dissatisfaction.

In the fourth chapter of John, Jesus talked with a Samaritan woman who was clearly feeling incomplete and disillusioned (John 4:7-30). Attempting to fill her life with the love of a man, she’d had five failed marriages and was presently involved in a sinful relationship. This woman had dipped her bucket repeatedly into the well of human love to get the acceptance that she hoped would make her whole. But each experience left her thirsty. Standing before Jesus, she was a broken soul and social outcast.

People throughout history have been drinking from false wells. One of Satan’s greatest deceptions involves convincing a person that happiness and fulfillment can be found only by getting enough love, success, revenge, etc. But it’s easy to recognize the devil’s lie—all it takes is a look at the many who try to satisfy their emptiness through unhealthy habits and unsafe attitudes.

The truth is that only a relationship with Jesus Christ can make a person whole. From Him comes living water that quenches thirst forever. This means He meets our every need in this life. In a world marred by sin, we will not have a perfect existence, but through Christ, we can expect to live with a sense of deep satisfaction.


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