“He that believeth on Me hat everlasting life.”

Exodus 16:32-35

Exodus 16:32

The education of future generations should be the earnest care of the people of God, since the Lord himself so constantly ordained means for perpetuating the memory of his deeds of grace. The Lord knows that the race is apt to forget even his greatest wonders, and therefore he puts them in remembrance.

Exodus 16:33, 34

Even thus should we treasure the memory of the Lord’s great goodness to us. In the ark of our memory, the golden pot should be kept in store.

Exodus 16:35

The storehouses of Jehovah are never exhausted. All the while the Lord’s people are in the wilderness, whether it be forty years or eighty years, their bread shall be given them, their waters shall be sure. Trust ye in the Lord for ever.

John 6:47-58

The manna was a very full and instructive type of our Lord Jesus, who is the spiritual bread of his people. In order to understand this, let us read his own words in

John 6:48

He is life to believers and the support of their life.

John 6:48

Though the manna came from heaven, yet it brought not immortality with it as Jesus does. The Jews died, and died very terribly too, many of them; but those who feed on Jesus live for ever.

John 6:50

This spiritual bread confers, supports, and preserves spiritual life.

John 6:52

They looked at the words and did not discern the sense, and hence they asked this very natural question.

John 6:53

Our Lord would not explain his parabolic speech to them. It was not given to them to understand.

John 6:55

Some persons dream that this applies to the Lord’s supper, which was not even instituted at the time. It refers neither to the supper, nor to the mass, nor to any sacrificial bread, but to our Lord himself, who must be fed upon spiritually and not in symbol only. Too many even now are like the Jews, and. cannot understand spiritual truth, but stumble over the literal meaning.

John 6:56

The nearest possible union is established between Jesus and the believer.

John 6:57, 58

Have we all in our hearts received Jesus? Are we trusting in Him alone? Do we commune with him? For this is to feed upon him, and enter into living union with him.


Bread of heaven! on thee I feed,

For thy flesh is meat indeed;

Ever may my soul be fed

With this true and living bread.


Those who feed on thee are blest,

Never more by hunger pressed;

Day by day with strength supplied,

Through the life of Him who died.



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