“Be careful for nothing.”

Matthew 6:25-34

The way in which the Lord supplied the needs of his people in the desert, suggests to us a meditation upon the divine care and faithfulness as to the temporal wants of his people. It is our privilege to depend upon the Lord for everything as much as Israel did in the wilderness. It is still true that our God will supply all our needs. Hence our Lord Jesus has taught us to keep clear of all carking care and to walk by faith. Let us read his words in

Matthew 6:25

So not fret and worry about such secondary things. God who gives us lives and bodies will give us food and clothing.

Matthew 6:26

Martin Luther was one day walking in the fields when in great straits’, with his Bible in his hands, and reading the Sermon on the Mount, was much comforted by Matt 6:26, “Behold the fowls of the air, they toil not neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them.” Just then a little bird was hopping from sprig to spray, with its sweet chirping note, seeming to say


“Mortals, cease from toil and sorrow,

God provideth for the morrow.”


It then came to the ground to pick up a crumb, and rising merrily, again seemed to repeat its simple song—


“Mortals, cease from toil and sorrow,

God provideth for the morrow.”


This greatly comforted the Reformers heart.

Matthew 6:27

All the thought in the world cannot lengthen our stature or our life.

Matthew 6:28-30

This is good reasoning: he who cares for poor fading lilies and robes them so sumptuously, will not let his own immortal sons go bare. Surely we can trust our own Father.

Matthew 6:31, 32

All anxious care is forbidden. We have a Father in heaven, shall we fret as if we had none? Doubt not till you have cause to doubt.

Matthew 6:34

Never anticipate troubles, each day has its own, and enough of them; yes, and enough grace comes daily to bear us through them.

Psalm 23

Let us cheer our hearts by reading that delicious song of contentment, Psalm 23.


He leads me to the place

Where heavenly pasture grows,

Where living waters gently pass,

And full salvation flows.


If e’er I go astray,

He doth my soul reclaim;

And guides me in his own right way,

For his most holy name.



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