“I give waters in the wilderness.”

Exodus 17:1-7

Exodus 17:1

God’s people are never long untried.

Exodus 17:2

Complaining of second causes is really complaining of the Lord, let us disguise it as we may. What, after all, had Moses to do with it? The root of this sin of murmuring was unbelief. Could they not trust Jehovah? Would he not be sure to supply their wants? Had he ever been unmindful of them? Alas, notwithstanding all our experience of his faithfulness we ourselves are not clear from unbelief. He that is without fault among us, let him throw the first stone at Israel.

Exodus 17:4

Moses took the case into the right court. The people cried against him, but he cried unto the Lord. Here is our best resource. We may cry to God now.

Exodus 17:6

See how the Lord answers their murmurings; not by fulfilling their bitter speeches and leaving them to die of thirst, but by fetching living streams from a rock. Surely the Lord, who thus recompenses good for evil, deserves our heart’s unwavering confidence from this day forward. It is wanton insult to doubt one who is so overflowing with kindness. Render not evil for good.

Exodus 17:7

The Lord takes note of his peoples chidings and commemorates them. We must not think a grumbling spirit to be a small evil. The Lord has here set a mark and a brand upon it.

Isaiah 41:17, 18

The God who supplied Israel with natural water is ready to grant us the living water of his grace. Hear what his words are in

Isaiah 41:17, 18.

Isaiah 43:18-21

To strengthen bur faith in this promise we are bidden to look back upon the Lord’s wonders of old and to expect yet greater things, for God has not changed, nor are the fountains of his power and grace exhausted.

Isaiah 43:21

Glory be unto the Lord, we can bear witness that we daily and hourly receive fresh supplies of grace from him. No good thing hath he withheld from us. His praise shall continually be in our mouths.


Poor needy souls athirst and faint,

Who gasp for my redeeming love;

I will attend to their complaint,

And pour them rivers from above.


Water’d by me, the desert-soul,

The garden of the Lord shall prove,

Replenished as a wide-spread pool,

By springs of everlasting love.



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