“He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved.”

Romans 10:1-21

We have selected for our present reading a chapter which illustrates the difference between the law and the gospel.

Romans 10:1

The true spirit of Christianity is that of love and sympathy, it leads to prayer even for persecutors, and to hope for the most obdurate of men. Paul pleaded for the Jews.

Romans 10:2

Do not deny the good points in others, even if they are not all we could wish them to be.

Romans 10:3-4

He fulfils the law’s purpose for us, and when we have him we have all the law requires.

Romans 10:6-9

Precious gospel. Not doing, but believing, saves us. We have not to do or feel great things but simply to trust.

Romans 10:13

Think over this verse, for it ought to comfort even the most depressed seeker. Real prayer will be heard sooner or later.

Romans 10:17

Be constant in attendance upon the gospel ministry, and be devoutly attentive while hearing, for it is the way by which faith comes.

Romans 10:18

Alas, all hearers do not become believers. The many hear with deaf ears, and obey not the truth.

Romans 10:19, 20

Sovereign grace sometimes saves the most unlikely, while those who sit under the gospel harden their hearts and perish. Beware of resting in outward privileges: ye must possess real faith in Jesus.

Romans 10:21

So that they were sincerely warned, and lovingly invited, yet it was all in vain. Shall it be so with any of this household? God forbid.


All the doing is completed,

Now ’tis “look, believe, and live;”

None can purchase His salvation,

Life’s a gift, that God mast give

Grace, through righteousness, is reigning,

Not of works, lest man should boast;

Man must take the mercy freely,

Or eternally be lost.


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