“Our Fellowship is with the Father.”

Exodus 24:1-15, 18

Exodus 24:1-2

Even the most favoured under the law came not very near to God. Even when he said “Come up unto Jehovah,” it was added, “but they shall not come nigh.” How different the gospel, for now, in Christ Jesus, we, who sometimes were afar off, are made nigh by the blood of Jesus.

Exodus 24:3

Their tongues went faster than their lives. Man is swift at promising, but lame in performing.

Exodus 24:8

The blood is the main thing in all communion with God. No road is open to us but the crimson one. Where the blood of Jesus falls peace comes, but apart from that we are unclean, and, consequently, unfit for communion with God. Dear friends, has the blood of Jesus ever been sprinkled upon you? Faith, like the bunch of hyssop, applies the blood: have you that faith?

Exodus 24:11

When the blood was on them, they could come near, and enjoy quiet fellowship, even to eating and drinking. What they saw is not described to us except in one point, they saw the azure pavement beneath the sacred feet. All our conceptions fall below the glory of our God, we see only the place of his footstool.

Exodus 24:13

Moses enjoyed a higher degree of communion than any other man, and went up alone into the cloud. There are elect ones out of the elect to whom it is given to lie in their Master’s bosom, and to walk in the light as he is in the light. To be highly favoured in this respect is honour and joy indeed.

Exodus 24:14, 15

This was a sweet retreat for Moses, who would now for awhile forget the burden of the people.

Exodus 24:18

O sweet stretch of intercourse with heaven. Six weeks with God! What a rest! Alas, Moses needed it, for the people were rebelling down below, and making trouble for their leaders heart.


Through the sacrificial blood,

Shed in honour of his law,

Chosen men drew near to God,

And his gracious glory saw.


Underneath his feet serene,

Sapphires, like a pavement, lay,

Bright as heaven itself is seen,

On a clear and cloudless day.


Heaven no frowning aspect wears;

Boldly we approach the throne:

Brighter grace to us appears

Than on Sinai’s Mount was shown.


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