“Let the righteous be glad.”

Numbers 10:29-36

Numbers 10:29

We should talk to our friends and kinsfolk of the advantages which arise out of connection with the people of God; it may be they will be led to cast in their lot with us.

Numbers 10:30, 31

Those who are converted to the faith often become of great service to the church, and this should urge us the more eagerly to seek their conversion.

Numbers 10:32

Thus the compact was made to share and share alike. This was true brotherhood. Believers know that the Lord dealeth with all his servants as he is wont to do unto those who fear his name. He feeds them with the same bread of life, clothes them with the same righteousness, shelters them beneath the same providential care, and brings them by the same grace to the same glory. Those who truly join with us in Christ’s church shall enjoy all the privileges with which we are enriched.

Numbers 10:35

This is the Rising Prayer. It confesses that Israel’s path is beset with foes, and it looks away from all human help to the Lord alone. The Lord has but to rise, and his foes and ours are gone. O Lord, now arise!

Numbers 10:36

This was the Resting Prayer. It pleads for the divine presence. Fearing that the Lord may have been grieved during the day, it beseeches him to return. It is of the same tenor as our sweet evening hymn, “Abide with us.”

Psalm 68:1-8

Let us read a few verses of David’s psalm, in which he sings of the Lord’s glorious marching through the wilderness.

Psalm 68:3

Such a God is not to be worshipped with sadness or half-heartedness. Let us be very joyful in him.

Psalm 68:4

He is as much with us as he was with the Jews, let us equally sing his praises.

Psalm 68:5

Therefore let his people remember the orphan, and aid those institutions which are for their benefit. Let them also be very pitiful towards poor widows who are God’s peculiar charge.

Psalm 68:6

Gracious as God is he cannot bless those who persist in rebellion. Sin is and ever must be the source of misery.

Psalm 68:7, 8

Eternal honour be unto the God of Israel, whose presence is still our succour and solace. Our inmost hearts adore him. Lord throughout this day go before us, and bless us with thy presence.


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