“I am thy God.”

Numbers 11:4-5, 10-23

Numbers 11:4

The mischief in the camp usually commenced with the mixed multitude, and it is the same with the church of God now: the merely nominal Christians in her are the tinder for Satan’s sharks. It is sad, however, to note that the Israelites were ready enough to follow the bad example of the mixed company. They murmured wantonly. They did not want for either bread or water, but pined for luxuries. Such complaining is sure to be punished.

Numbers 11:5; 10-15

The meekest man failed in his meekness. He was so provoked by the senseless clamours of the people that he spake unadvisedly with his lips unto God. The best of men are subject to infirmities. The Lord in Moses case was very pitiful towards his servant, and sent him help that he might the better bear the burden of so great a charge.

Numbers 11:16, 17

The Lord overlooked the petulance of Moses’ language, and met the real burden of his case. The seventy men would have been of no use without the Spirit, but with it they became valuable helpers. O Lord, give thy Spirit to all the elders and deacons of our churches, as well as to all pastors and evangelists.

Numbers 11:18-20

Too much becomes nauseous. It is a most just method of punishment to make those things loathsome which have been the cause of lusting. The Lord often wearies men with their darling sins.

Numbers 11:22

Moses began reckoning second causes, and then saw much ground for doubt; yet even then he left out a part of the calculation, for he forgot the fowls of heaven from which the Lord gathered meat for the people.

Numbers 11:23

Unbelief is very grievous to the Lord: perhaps some of us are guilty of it. Is it so? Then let us humbly bow before the rebuke of this verse, and then hopefully expect to see every promise of the Lord fulfilled, for so it shall be.



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