Salt Of The Earth

Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth.”


“SALT” is a noun describing a chemical substance that acts upon its environment to change it.


“INERT”, by contrast, is an adjective describing any sluggish substance devoid of active properties. In other words, an “inert” object just sits there.


If we are in fact “THE SALT OF THE EARTH“, how are we to be characterized:


1. Salt is small. Unimpressive. Unnoticed.


During a dining experience, food is the focus of the meal, rather than the salt. While salt enhances the food’s flavor, it goes quite unnoticed. Similarly, the true disciple of Christ usually receives little recognition in a world whose values lie in the opposite direction.


2. Salt can have a powerful influence on changing its environment.


Salt, when rightly applied to food can transform it from unappealing blandness into a delectable gourmet experience. Thus, Christians, by virtue of their presence, can and should permanently change their world.


3. Salt is associated with purity.


A product of the sun and sea, salt’s glistening whiteness suggests the quality of purity. Thus believers, if they are to be the “salt of the earth,” must exemplify a standard of absolute purity in thought, conduct, and speech.


4. Salt is a preservative.


In the days before refrigeration, salt was used as a preservative on meat to delay decay. So today, the process of putrefaction in society can at least be slowed by the presence of Christ’s followers.


5. Salt has the potential of losing its flavor or usefulness.


When diluted, Christians, like salt, are of little consequence, except “… to be thrown out and trampled by men.


SO THE BIG QUESTION IS: “How do your lost acquaintances view you: As the SALT of the earth, or as an INERT object?




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