Is It Possible To Integrate Biblical Values Into Your Professional Life?

Yes! Jesus did it. And so can you!


As a young man, Jesus Christ was in the carpentry business. Can you imagine Him delivering an inferior piece of furniture to a customer?

  • Or deceiving people through an advertising campaign?
  • Or inflating sale prices beyond reasonable profit margins?
  • Or failing to give top notch service after the sale?
  • Or underpaying the employees in His carpentry shop?

Can you conceive of Jesus telling the local rabbi, “Well, times are tough. Its unrealistic to literally apply Biblical principles to business, given the realities of todays business climate. We have to bend the rules here and there to survive“? Hardly.


The fact is that Jesus lived a life of total integrity… and He expects the same of us:


(He) has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet was without sin… ” (Hebrews 4:15)


Dr. Laura Nash, suggests five questions we might ask ourselves as we seek to apply Biblical ethics to business:


1. Am I hiding something?


2. Am I hurting anyone?


3. How does it look from the other person’s point of view?


4. Have I discussed this face-to-face?


5. What would I tell my child to do?


If we are unable to integrate Biblical values into our business or profession, perhaps we need to reevaluate our vocation or calling.




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