“Have faith in God.”

Numbers 14:1-21

Numbers 14:1

When children cry for nothing, they soon have good cause for crying, and such was the case in this instance; but do we never fall into the same sin ourselves?

Numbers 14:2, 3

What a shameful slur they cast upon Jehovah when they asked whether he had brought them out to slay them, and truly we are equally guilty when we imagine that after leading us so far on the road to heaven, he will leave us to our enemies.

Numbers 14:4

To avoid one evil they would rush into a worse. Without the cloud to guide them, or the manna to feed them, they talk of going back to Egypt. Unbelief is insanity.

Numbers 14:5

The people ought far rather to have fallen on their faces before them; so is it often that the best men are worst spoken of.

Numbers 14:10

The case had been well put, but stones were the reward of faithfulness.

Numbers 14:10

God appeared for the defence of his servants. He who touches them, touches the apple of his eye.

Numbers 14:12

This was a great offer, but how lovingly Moses declined it, thinking more of Israel’s good and of God’s glory than of his own honour.

Numbers 14:20, 21

See the value of an Intercessor to stand in the gap. Blessed be God; if any man sin, we have an advocate.


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