When You Are Maxed Out

You know you are maxed out when you:


1. Can’t Relax


If this is true, then guard your family time against all but life-and-death interruptions.


2. Can’t Say No


Are you responding to the urgent rather than the important? Are the “squeaky wheels” deterring you from investing in people who will count for the future? Count for the Kingdom?


3. Can’t Take A Day Off


When you find it difficult to take at least a day off a week, could it be that you are need-driven rather than God-driven?


4. Find Little Joy In Family Life


If you are emotionally absent from the family, you can be sure that it will prove destructive in terms of unsatisfying family relationships. Your wife will be critical about your work, feeling you are not giving her quality (and quantity) time and attention.


5. Think It’s All Up To You


Here, you are taking on your shoulders that which is God’s responsibility. A friend of mine with an “A” type personality used to say that periodically he had to resign as “Chancellor of the Universe”. Do you need to do the same?


6. Find It Hard To Let Your Hair Down


We all need relationships where we can let our hair down. Perhaps this means being vulnerable. Sometimes it simply means just having fun. Beware of believing the lie that says time spent in fun is wasted time.


7. Can’t Take Vacation Time


Extended vacations are a must, along with occasional briefer times away. If your work or ministry-load prohibits such breaks, then you are failing to delegate as much as you should.


Keep in mind that “Your enemy the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:7)




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