“He remembereth that we are dust.”


Psalm 90

This Psalm is the record of Moses feelings when he saw the people dying in the wilderness, and it ought not to be read as exactly descriptive of the feelings of godly men, whose death is not a judgment of God’s wrath, but a falling asleep in God’s arms, that they may depart out of this present evil world to be where Jesus is.

A Prayer of Moses the Man of God

Psalm 90:1

We wander in tents, but, like our fathers, we dwell in thee. Sweet thought, in every age God is the home of his people.

Psalm 90:2

Though men. die, Thou ever livest; though nature itself expire, Thou art the same.

Psalm 90:3

One word from thee is enough. When thy fiat has gone forth, the spirits of men return to thee.

Psalm 90:4

What are ages to eternity? The drop is more in relation to the sea than time to the life of the Eternal One.

Psalm 90:5, 6

Men flourish and decay: the meadow grass is not more frail than they. Where are all the ancient generations? Are they not as undiscoverable as the generations yet unborn? Like the grass which grew when Jacob fed his flocks, the people of the past have disappeared.

Psalm 90:7

Not we at this time, but that generation of Israel. We enjoy Jehovah’s love, but Israel in the wilderness melted away before the Lord’s hot displeasure.

Psalm 90:8

Glory be to God, as believers, our sins are pardoned, and put behind the Lord’s back, but it was not so with that generation. This verse can now only be applied to the ungodly. Are there any such in this household?

Psalm 90:9

Our days are passed in peace, for the Lord has given us rest, but as for Israel in the desert it was sadly the reverse; and upon the ungodly at this day the curse is resting.

Psalm 90:10

The very strength of age is sorrow. What then is its weakness? Covet not extreme old age; but know that if it comes God must be our portion, or else life will be a burden.

Psalm 90:11

May we never know the power of God’s anger. The dread of it is awful, but the reality is beyond conception.

Psalm 90:13

Be gracious to those whom thou hast doomed to die.

Psalm 90:15

Balance our woes with a weight of mercy. Give a joy for every sorrow.

Psalm 90:16

They would accept the toil of the wilderness with cheerfulness because their children would obtain the joys of the promised land. So long as God’s church is continued in the world, we who now bear the burden and heat of the day are content to die.

Psalm 90:17

The labour of Moses’ lifetime had been very great in building up the Jewish commonwealth, and therefore he is prayerfully anxious that he may not have laboured in vain. Nor was it so, for a great nation was formed, and its mission has been fulfilled, unto this day. Fear not, servants of God, though death should seem to sweep away your life-work: true service for the Lord will outlast the pyramids.


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