Five Principles In Winning Your Lost Friends

Here are five helpful principles in winning your lost friends:


1. Strategically plan to bring lost people into the Kingdom:


Any effective business person today thinks and plans strategically in winning contracts, building a strong customer base, and in marketing products. Should we think any less strategically in winning our lost acquaintances and friends to Christ?




2. Contextualize your lifestyle:


In attempting to win the lost ask yourself:

  • “Am I choosing to get into their world in order to establish common ground?
  • Am I being perceived by them as friendly, warm and genuinely accepting?
  • Is my lifestyle congruent with the message I proclaim?” (Or do I tend to co-mingle the horns, the halo and the pitch fork?)

3. Recognize the importance of effective prayer:

  • Do I understand that it is through intercessory prayer that one binds Satan and advances into his territory ?

No one can enter a strong mans house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man. Then he can rob his house.” (Mark 3:27)


4. Position yourself to reach the lost:


Ask yourself if your life is positioned in such a way that you have:

  • Time for the lost?
  • Energy for the lost?
  • A heart for the lost?

Or are you so busy and distracted by other pursuits that you miss the opportunities that are daily staring you in the face?


5. Look at life through the eyes of the lost and ask yourself:

  • Do I see their bondage to sinand respond with compassion?
  • Do I recognize their despair and offer them hope?


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