“Sing aloud unto God our strength.”

Psalm 81

Let us read at this time—Psalm 81.

This song exhorts men to praise the Lord, tells of his goodness to Israel, and bewails the sins and consequent sorrows of that erring people

Psalm 81:1

Singing should be hearty and joyful: we should all take our share in the public thanksgiving.

Psalm 81:2, 3

By which the passover is intended.

Psalm 81:4, 5

The Egyptian tongue was unknown to the Lord in the sense of having no fellowship with it; just as we read in the New Testament that the Lord will say to the hypocrite, “I never knew you.” In Egypt the Passover was established as a memorial of Israel’s redemption, and the freeborn sons of Israel delighted to maintain the commemoration.

Psalm 81:6

Or from the earth baskets. God set his people free from the slavish business of brick-making, as he has also redeemed all his people from the accursed bondage of their sins.

Psalm 81:7

Poorly did they bear that test. Their murmurings were both deep and loud, and their inconstancy was self-evident. Yet see how, when the Lord was tested by the people, he proved himself to be ready to hear and swift to bless.

Psalm 81:10

Have large expectations of God, and offer large prayers to him, then shall great things be your joyful portion. Who would not ask largely if he believed that his requests would be granted? In the matter of prayer to God if we be stinted, it is by ourselves, for God has not straitened us in his promise. Come then, let those of us who are believers, plead for the salvation of the whole family, the servants, and the neighbours. Let our prayer, during this day, be on a great scale. Men sin hugely—let us pray abundantly.

Psalm 81:11-13

See the loving tenderness of the Lord, he laments our sins because he sees what they cost us. He knows what we lose by our folly, and he is sorry for us. Not as a judge does he condemn with tearless eye, but as a father he censures with loving regret in his heart.

Psalm 81:14

God either turns our enemies hearts, or makes them turn their backs, when he sees his people walking carefully in the “way of obedience.” “When a mans ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.”

Psalm 81:16

May we, as a family, walk in continual obedience to the Lord that we may be fed upon the precious promises which are “the finest of the wheat,” and may enjoy in close fellowship with Jesus that honey of sweet peace which drops from no other rock but that which was smitten for us. Holiness is happiness—hence obedience to God is true wisdom. Enemies we shall have none to fear, if we dwell in the bosom of Jesus our friend.


Oh how I love thy holy law!

‘Tis daily my delight;

And thence my meditations draw

Divine advice by night.


Am I a stranger, or at home,

‘Tis my perpetual feast;

Not honey dropping from the comb

So much allures the taste.


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