Complacency – Stagnation – Death

This morning I had breakfast with a businessman who is coasting spiritually. Basically, he’s bored with his Christian experience… and under-challenged with life in general.


At mid-life he has mastered his profession, enjoys the easy life-style of private clubs, trips abroad, and the respect of his peers. His time with God is bland. His involvement in ministry is dutiful, uneventful, and… predictable.


There is no overt sin in his life, you understand. Basically, he’s a nice guy, who faithfully shows up each week at church and Bible study.


But he’s dying from within. Bloated from too much intake and too little outflow.


What is missing is the very life of Christ pulsating through his veins:

  • Jesus wept over Jerusalem.
  • Jesus washed peoples feet.
  • Jesus climbed into an electric chair and died.
  • Jesus cautioned us:

Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.” (Luke 9:24)


So I asked him, “If you are stagnated now, what will you be five years from now?”


I then challenged him to find the highest piece of real estate in his city: “Go to the top, look over the city and pray, asking God to allow you to see your city through the eyes of Jesus who wept over Jerusalem as He viewed their tragically lost condition.” (Matthew 23:37-39)


I urged him to ask God to give him a vision for his world that was larger than his safe and diminished life… A vision that would demand faith and sacrifice.


Is it not true that unless we are involved in a life of sacrifice in fulfilling a God-given vision, we too are in the process of dying?


QUESTION: What is your vision? What is your passion? For what are you expending your life? Is it the life of the cross or simply “business as usual?” If it is business as usual,


You may be a spiritual cadaver in the making.



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