“There is not enchantment against Jacob.”

Numbers 23:13-24

Balak, anxious to induce Balaam to curse Israel, took him from place to place, and offered one sacrifice after another, but all in vain; the Lord stood between his people and the machinations of their enemies. We will read the inspired record of one of Balaam’s oracular speeches—it may serve for all.

Numbers 23:13

The king thought that the number, beauty, and order of Israel might have influenced the prophet, and therefore he would only let him see a part of them. The trick was in vain. God does not love his people because of their number. If there were but two or three he would be quite as sure to bless them.

Numbers 23:14

Moses and Balaam both stood on the same hill, but with very different objects. Places cannot change character.

Numbers 23:17

An enquiry which we all should raise, and search the Scriptures to find the reply.

Numbers 23:18, 19

The immutability of the divine counsel is the safety of the saints. No entreaties of our foes can move the heart of God away from us: we are his chosen, and we shall be so evermore. Every promise is yea and amen in Christ Jesus, and not one single word of the Lord shall ever fall to the ground. Men shift like quicksand, but the Lord is firm as a rock.

Numbers 23:20

No, nor all the devils in hell. The promise is not yea and nay, but yea, yea.

Numbers 23:21

Not such iniquity as to lead him to put them away. Balaam knew that nothing but sin could separate God from Israel, and he saw that by some means or other the Lord had not seen iniquity in his people. We know, what he did not, that a Mediator came between, otherwise Israel’s sins had long before been her destruction. No doubt compared with the Moabites and especially the filthy Canaanites, the people in the wilderness were remarkably pure to Balaams judgment; but it would have fared very ill with them if this had been their only righteousness.

Numbers 23:22

God makes his saints so strong that they astound their adversaries.

Numbers 23:23

No plan of men or devils can succeed against the elect of God. We have no cause to fear evil omens, in fact, it would be sinful to do so. It is wicked to feel the superstitious fear of the old heathen. No magical arts, Satanic devices, or malicious plottings can really injure the beloved of the Lord

Numbers 23:23

God’s work shall baffle man’s, and excite wonder when human malice is forgotten.

Numbers 23:24

He foresaw the military prowess of the nation, and foretold the destruction of the Canaanites by Israel, thus in reality blessing the people whom he was invited to curse.


Vain were the heathen altars

The tide of love to stem;

That tongue for ever falters

That would the saints condemn.


In vain the wrath it mutters,

For God will never curse;

When he the blessing utters,

There’s no man can reverse.


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