Are You A Parochial Or World Christian?

Jesus made it abundantly clear that you and I are to think globally:


Go and make disciples of all nationsYou shall be My witnessesto the ends of the earth.” (Matthew 28:19a; Acts 1:8b)


As a business or professional person, you are uniquely positioned to help fulfill The Great Commission in three ways:




It takes money to get the message of the Cross to the ends of the earth. If God has given you the gift of making money (Romans 12:8), then you have a unique opportunity and responsibility to distribute resources toward His causes.


The late Dr. Richard C. Halverson wrote:


“There is a greater problem than need — Greed! — Commendable as it may be, compassion for the hungry and starving is not the best we can do — as long as we give simply out of our abundance, and allow such giving to justify continuing acquisition beyond our needs… ”




It has been estimated that by the year 2000, 85% of the world’s lost lived in countries closed to traditional missionary entry. The only other means of personal “access” is through the business and professional person.


Today, most developing countries are crying out for the kind of expertise you possess. But this is big league stuff, so only those possessed of courage, vision, know how, and determination need apply.




Because the majority of the developing countries still recognize the West for its advanced expertise, you as a business or professional person have leverage to influence.




One acid test in answering that question is to take a hard look at the ledger in your checkbook. Does the pattern of your check-writing over the past several months reflect a person possessed with a PAROCHIAL OR WORLD PERSPECTIVE?


For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)



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