“Consider the High Priest of our profession.”

Hebrews 3:1-6

Hebrews 3:1

This will be the most profitable subject upon which the mind can fix itself; profitable for instruction, consolation, and example. Our Lord combined in his own person the official characters of Moses and Aaron, and discharged both offices most fully.

Hebrews 3:2

Having taken the servant’s place, he was as faithful as the best of servants could be; nay, he excelled them all.

Hebrews 3:3, 4

Jesus is the builder of the church, Moses was but a pillar in it. Jesus is God, Moses was but man. Yet the Jews greatly reverence Moses; shall we not much more honour and reverence our Lord?

Hebrews 3:5, 6

The superior relation of Christ to God as a Son, places him far above Moses, and also raises believers far above those who are under the law! We should walk in faith, and rejoice in hope; for only in holding fast both of these can we realize our honourable position as the household of the Son of God. So shall we experimentally know how far the Lord Jesus excels Moses.

Acts 7:37-41, 44, 45

Stephen, in his discourse before his enemies, gives us a few more words concerning Moses, with which we will conclude our consideration of his history—

Acts 7:37

Like Moses, our Lord was the revealer of a system, a ruler, a deliverer, a mediator, and a teacher. He was mighty both in deeds and words, which combination we find nowhere else. He was rejected by his own people, but accredited by God, and to this day he leads his people through the wilderness towards the promised rest.

Acts 7:38

Coming from the living God, the law was a living oracle, though now, through man’s sins, it has become a death-dealing word. How honoured was Moses to be the channel of communication between God and his people, and to be the associate of the great covenant angel, who spake the law.

Acts 7:41

All this we have read before. Shall we thus treat the Lord Jesus? Shall we rebel against him and set up other gods? The Lord forbid!

Acts 7:45

Jesus or rather Joshua

Acts 7:45

But though they had all the outward signs, they missed the inward spiritual grace. May the Lord prevent our falling into the same condemnation.


Amidst the house of God,

Their different works were done,—

Moses, a faithful servant, stood,

But Christ a faithful Son.


Then to his new commands,

Be strict obedience paid;

O’er all his Father’s house he stands

The sovereign and the head.



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