Behold the Worthy Lamb of God

Mark 15:16-38

Having followed the Bible history to the death of Moses, we will make a break, and consider for a day or two a number of passages from various parts of the Holy Scriptures, that our reading may be varied. First, let us solemnly read the narrative of our Lord’s crucifixion,—the best comment upon it will be our repentance, faith, and love.

Mark 15:16

That he might suffer the full chorus of their ridicule. Men were unanimous and hearty in mocking their Redeemer; when will his people be as zealous in his praises? Should not the “whole band” of believers adore him.

Mark 15:17-19

Here was Majesty in misery! Our Lord who is the angels king, was spit upon by rude fellows! How we ought to love him for enduring this shame.

Mark 15:20, 21

How honoured was this Simon: but let us not envy him; we shall have a cross to carry too.

Mark 15:22, 23

He did not wish to be stupefied. He came to suffer in our stead, and he intended to go through with it, enduring to the uttermost.

Mark 15:25

Or nine o’clock of our time.

26 And the superscription of his accusation was written over, the king of the jews.


“A king my title is, prefix’d on high

Yet by my subjects I’m condemned to die

A servile death, in servile company.

Was ever grief like mine!”


Mark 15:27, 28

He died a felons death with felons, and men wrote his guiltless name on the roll of transgressors.

Mark 15:29-32

O the patience, the omnipotent patience which bore all this!

Mark 15:33

From noon till three in the afternoon night brooded over all.

Mark 15:34

And at the ninth hour or three o’clock

Mark 15:37

He died in full strength, laying down his life voluntarily for our sakes.

Mark 15:38

Thus were the inner mysteries laid bare, and the ceremonials of the law brought to an end. Glory to Thee, thou Dear Redeemer of the souls of men.


To him who suffer’d on the tree,

Our souls at his soul’s price to gain;

Blessing and praise and glory be:

Worthy the Lamb for he was slain.


To him enthroned by filial right,

All power in heaven and earth proclaim,

Honour, and majesty, and might:

Worthy the Lamb, for he was slain.


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