“Unto you that believe He is precious.”

1 Peter 2:1-10

1 Peter 2:2, 3

desire the sincere or unadulterated

1 Peter 2:2, 3

That is to say, if we be indeed believers, God has bestowed upon us a spiritual and incorruptible life; therefore, let us have done with the evil fruits of the old nature. We are born into a new world, let us cast aside the defiled and leprous garments of our former condition. Anger, deceit, and slander, are as unbecoming in a Christian as the cerements of the grave would be unfit for a living man. It is ours, henceforth, to live upon the truth and to practise it, to rejoice in a gracious God, and act graciously ourselves. We desire to know the word of God, that by its sustaining power the life within us may be nurtured and made to advance to perfection.

1 Peter 2:4, 5

We desire to be holy because we are so near akin to our Lord Jesus. He is the foundation, and we are the stones of the spiritual building. Men may rail at us, as they did at him, but God has chosen us, and we are precious in his sight, even as Jesus is; hence we desire to live as consecrated persons, in whom God dwells, whose whole business is to present sacrifices unto the Lord. As is the foundation, such should all the building be: upon the living, chosen, precious foundation, there ought to be built up a church of lively, choice, and holy spirits.

1 Peter 2:6

This is good cheer for us who believe in him: let us be bold because of it, and never for a moment hesitate to confess Christ before men.

1 Peter 2:7, 8

But he does not say how precious. This is more than tongue or pen could tell. Verily, the Lord Jesus is all in all, and more than all to his people

1 Peter 2:7, 8

It is clear that none can be neutral, we must either feel Jesus to be precious or else we shall stumble at him: and, if we are so disobedient as to be offended at the Lord, our unbelief will not injure him, for God has ordained him to be the headstone of the corner; nor will it disarrange the purposes of God, for in them there is a dark place for the rebel as well as a bright spot for the believer.

1 Peter 2:9

As a family, let us remember how the Lord has favoured us in his grace, and let each saved one among us remember whereunto he is called. Chosen, royal, priestly, peculiar, and beloved of heaven,—what manner of persons ought we to be? We ought to be far better than others, for the Lord has dealt so much better with us. May rich grace rest upon us, and cause us to show forth the praises of our God.

1 Peter 2:10

We were outcast Gentiles, who were counted as little better than dogs: how grateful ought we to be that we now enjoy the same portion as the favoured people of old. Lord, cleanse us from all sin, and make us a family separated to thy service.


Oh might this worthless heart of mine,

The Saviour’s temple be!

Emptied of every love but thine,

And shut to all but thee!


I long to find thy presence there,

I long to see thy face;

Almighty Lord, my heart prepare

The Saviour to embrace.


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