Is It Possible To Live A Righteous Life In A Godless Environment?

The answer of course is “YES!” Daniel of the Old Testament is probably our best example of someone who did it with class.


You may remember that as a Jewish lad, Daniel, along with his three compatriots, was taken captive into wicked Babylonia. Throughout his life, he demonstrated God’s faithfulness by choosing to live righteously amidst life-threatening pressures to conform otherwise.


HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE: Daniel lived in Babylonia, but Babylonia did not live in Daniel.




1. DETERMINATION — Daniel determined in his heart not to eat the king’s defiled food.


QUESTION: Working as many of you do in the market place where compromise is a daily occurrence, have you determined in your heart to not take the first step toward defilement?


2. DELIVERANCE — Daniel chose to believe God for deliverance amidst humanly impossible circumstances.


One example was Daniel’s commitment to interpret the king’s dream before God guaranteed him the interpretation. Failure would surely cost him his life. (Daniel 2:1-23; Key vs. Daniel 2:16; See Daniel 6:6-23)


QUESTION: Are you willing to take steps of faith (when warranted) that could cost you an account, diminish your production, or otherwise adversely affect your career?


3. DEPENDENCE — In times of crisis, Daniel chose to be dependent upon his compatriots.


In the instances cited in 1. and 2. above, Daniel enlisted the support or prayers of his three Jewish companions. (Daniel 1:9-20; 2:17, 18)


QUESTION: Are you locked in with a team of friends whom you look to for mutual moral and spiritual support? Or are you choosing to tough it out alone? (Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10)


4. DECENCY — Daniel chose to live a life of uncompromising decency.


After interpreting the king’s dream he chose not to yield to the king’s influence by accepting his gifts. (Daniel 5:17; Consider also Daniel 6:1-5)


QUESTION: Has your moral integrity been compromised by receiving gifts or favors from those in positions of power or authority? (Proverbs 23:1-3)


THE BIG QUESTION: “You are in the world, but is the world in you? (John 17:13-19)



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