“Seek ye the Lord while he may be found.”

Isaiah 55

Isaiah 55:1

With matchless condescension the Lord invites us to come to himself. He presses upon us the calls of his mercy. The gospel provides for all our spiritual needs in the amplest manner, and it gives us everything for nothing. We have but to receive freely what God gives gratis.

Isaiah 55:2

Why do men labour after salvation by their own efforts, when Jesus has finished the work? Why do they try to find a heaven in things below when Christ is all? They gather smoke, and hunt after shadows. Why are they so foolish?

Isaiah 55:3

By hearing we receive grace, for by it faith comes. A willing ear leads to a converted mind. Salvation is by covenant—God enters into covenant with sinners through Christ Jesus; and that covenant is everlasting and sure. What an honour and a favour to be in covenant with God.

Isaiah 55:4

Jesus is here set forth as the great witness of divine love, who is able and willing to lead men back to God.

Isaiah 55:5

This is doubtless a promise to Jesus, the Messiah. Tens of thousands shall gladly accept him as their Lord.

Isaiah 55:6

While mercy may be had, seek for it in prayer.

Isaiah 55:9

What a large and free promise! Can any man desire more? Mercy is freely proclaimed for the guilty, and that for the. worst and most glaring of transgressions. Do not let us miss the gracious opportunity, but come at once, and receive pardon as the free gift of God. He speaks to each one of us as much as he did to Israel of old.

Isaiah 55:10, 11

So we are invited to trust in an effectual gospel which can by no means fall to the ground. We have no cunningly devised fable put before us, but the infallible truth of God who cannot lie. All things else may fail, but the promise of God will be fulfilled as surely as God is God.

Isaiah 55:13

All joy belongs to the pardoned, and all nature is in sympathy with that joy. The outward echoes the inward. When the soul is eased of its burden, and drinks in the bliss of divine love, earth seems a paradise of. sweets, and a temple of rich music. To the wretched the universe is hung in sable, but to the joyous the day is clear and bright, “the bridal of the earth and sky.” Who would not be forgiven? Who would not live by the covenant of grace when such are the joy and peace which he will inherit? The joy is no transient emotion, it is based upon “everlasting” love and faithfulness, and this renders it infinitely precious and desirable.


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