“One sinner destroyeth much good.”

Joshua 7:1-13, 15

Joshua 7:1

The chapter opens with a “but,” and a very serious “but” it was. One man in Israel had presumed to violate the express command of Jehovah, and had taken of the spoil of Jericho for himself, and had thus defied the curse which had been pronounced upon any who so acted. That one man’s sin, like a single drop of a potent poison, was sufficient to do damage to the whole body of Israel. Sin is so deadly an evil that the smallest measure of it may do more injury than we can reckon or imagine.

Joshua 7:2, 3

Israel had become confident of an easy victory, and a disposition to spare themselves was evidently growing up among them. The Lord would fight for them, and therefore they might ground their weapons. In this way, in all ages, the grace of God has been abused by the self-indulgence of men.

Joshua 7:4, 5

Defeat is the sure result of an indolent carnal security, and it is well when it drives the believer to his God again, and leads him with holy earnestness to put forth all his strength. God worketh in us to make us work ourselves; he never works indolence in us.

Joshua 7:7

This was a faulty expression, and savoured of distrust. It was not the position of the people, but their sin which had destroyed them.

Joshua 7:8

The grand old warrior felt his blood boil at the thought of his nation put to the rout.

Joshua 7:9

Here was the master plea of Moses; and when Joshua came to plead that, he was sure of success. We ought to be more concerned for the honour of God, than for anything else in the world.

Joshua 7:10-13

Sin will deprive a church of all power to do good. Though it may be an unknown sin, its effects will soon be visible enough. It is a blessed thing when affliction leads to humbling, and humbling to heartsearching. Lord, grant that no sin may be in this family either open or concealed, but make and keep us obedient to thy will evermore.


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