Are You Showering Or Soaking?

Sam is a high-geared executive with a multinational corporation who is routinely engaged in analysis, problem solving, and decision-making.


Recently I sat down with Sam and asked him to share his observations from a passage of Scripture. In seconds he grasped the essence of the section and in crisp fashion spewed his assessment back to me. His analysis was correct, but seemed cold… lacking in heart. “Whats next!?” came his inquiry.


K-N-O-W-I-N-G God,” is what I felt like answering.


Sam knows the Bible, but does he K-N-O-W God?


Like Sam, most of us approach the Scriptures with all the depth of taking a shower. That is, we splash under the water, rub on some soap, rinse off, and are out of there!


By way of contrast, soaking in a bathtub is considerably slower and more deliberate. You choose to lie there, relax, and allow the hot water and bath oil to penetrate the skin, and open the pores. You soak. But it takes time. When you finally do step out of the tub your body is soft and mellow.


Sam needs to learn how to soak in the Scriptures.


For example, in Matthew 18:3, 4 Jesus said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.


If Sam were “soaking” on this passage, his thoughts might run something like this: He would picture Jesus’ gentle and relaxed manner with children as they climbed up on to His lap. Perhaps he would realize how he tends to dismiss little children and their world as “irrelevant.”


As Sam pondered the scene, his mind might flash back to the sophisticated and self-assured people in his business world. Then he would visualize the innocent and unaffected children gathered around Jesus. Doubtless he would be struck by the contrast between his world and theirs.


Almost without realizing it, he could find himself praying, “God, forgive me for being so unlike Christ. I need to exhibit Jesus quality of gentleness with children, by being gentle with the people in my office. I need to take more un-rushed time with my own children. In the crush of corporate life, I have lost much of my childlike innocence. Father forgive me for my stiffness, and air of self-importance.


That is soaking on the Scriptures!


So my QUESTION is: “Are you showering or soaking when it comes to the Scriptures?”




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