“The Lord most high is terrible.”

Joshua 10:1-6, 8-14

Joshua 10:1

The name Adoni-zedec signifies Lord of righteousness, and is very similar to that of Melchisedec, who ages before was the king of Salem or Jerusalem. Adoni-zedec was therefore the successor if not the descendant of Melchizedec, and bore his name; but how frequently those who succeed to the name and position of the best of men, are themselves among the worst of characters. Grace is not inheritable. A man may entail his estate but not his piety.

Joshua 10:6

Those who join the Lord’s side are sure to have enemies, but they may rest assured that the Lord will come to the rescue.

Joshua 10:9

Joshua made a hasty forced march by night, thus shewing his resolve to defend all who were connected with Israel.

Joshua 10:11

Though the Lord fought for his people, he would only give them success when they put forth all their energies. When however they came up to their work zealously, he put forth his power in such a manner, that all the glory of the victory was manifestly seen to belong to him only. Where we do most, God does more; yea, he does all.

Joshua 10:13

The book of Jasher is lost, but the book of God is not, nor a single line of it. See how inspiration embalms all things which are recorded in it. We should never have heard the name of this book if it had not been preserved like a fly in the amber of Scripture.

Joshua 10:14

To please sceptical minds, scores of explanations of this wonderful occurrence have been laboriously elaborated, but there is no need for them and no use in them. The Almighty God can as easily stop the sun and moon as a watchmaker can alter a watch; he did do so, and how he did it is no question for us: we may rest assured he prolonged the daylight by the very wisest means. It is not ours to try and soften down miracles, but to glorify God in them. At the appearing of our greater Joshua, the sun and moon shall be confounded while he shall be revealed in flaming fire, taking vengeance on his enemies.


2 thoughts on ““The Lord most high is terrible.”

  1. The lesson I learned from this post is that God would only give me success when I put forth all my energies in whatever I do. His grace is sufficient, but that should not make a lazy brat out of me. Thanks for the revelation!


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