“I will run in the way of Thy commandments.”

Joshua 14:6-14

Joshua 14:6

We are glad to meet with this old hero, Joshua’s compatriot. Note how he dwells upon the promise, “Thou knowest the thing that the Lord said concerning me and thee.” Faithful hearts treasure up the divine word and prize it more than gold.

Joshua 14:7

He was a man of true heart, and spake as his heart bade him, and not as the majority of the spies would have had him. Only a true-souled man has courage to go against the stream, and speak the truth in the teeth of a false public opinion. Oh, that we had more such men now-a-days! The old man looks back with gratitude to this fact which had happened so many years ago. It is well to sow seed in our youth, which we shall not be afraid to harvest in our old age.

Joshua 14:9

What his own conscience had told him, Moses also had admitted. It is well when our own consciousness tallies with the encomiums which others may give to us, otherwise their praises may make us blush rather than smile. Caleb now claims what had been promised him; things are very sweet when they come to us by the way of the promise.

Joshua 14:10, 11

This was a rare privilege, and Caleb was thankful for it, and ready to use all the strength which God had given him against the enemies of Israel. He might have claimed his retiring pension, but instead thereof he sues for fresh work, with all the ardour of a young man.

Joshua 14:12

He probably reminded Joshua of a brave conversation he had held with him under the walls of the city of Hebron, when they had seen the giants, and marked the stupendous strength of the fortifications. He then spoke like a bold believer, and now he desired to prove that his words were not mere vapouring, but could be backed up by valiant deeds. Hebron it seems had once been captured by Israel, but the Anakims had returned to their strongholds, and Caleb felt that with God’s help, he would hunt them out again, once for all.

Joshua 14:14

The good old soldier had his desire, and in due time he took possession of the territory allotted to him. Whole-hearted loyalty to the Lord will have its reward. The Lord never allowed a man to be confounded, whose sole trust was in him, and whose entire heart followed him. In this family may there be many a Caleb; yea, may we all be whole-hearted for the Lord.


Up comrades up! undaunted be,

And valiant in the fight,

For him who died upon the tree,

For him who reigns in light.


Jesus himself leads on the strife:

Stand to his banner true;

Be steadfast now and all through life,

For he will strengthen you.


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