“Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it.”

Joshua 15:13-19

We shall now see what Caleb did with his inheritance in the land of promise.

Joshua 15:14

These were giants, but their gigantic stature did not frighten Caleb from attacking them. He who fears God is not the man to fear anyone else.

Joshua 15:15

This Debir appears to have been mastered before, but the Canaanites had re-occupied it. Our sins are very apt to return upon us, and when they do so we must drive them out a second time. The ancient name of Debir is here given, but why it would be hard to say. Kirjath-sepher signifies the city of the book. Since learning was scarce in those days, it may be that this place was famed for its records. Anyhow it was a Canaanitish city, and it was to be captured. Ungodliness is none the better for being associated with education.

Joshua 15:17

This exploit is recorded again in the book of Judges; probably because the hero of it, in after years was moved by the Spirit of God to become a judge and deliverer of Israel. He was a worthy nephew of a noble man. The younger members of a family should never allow their elders to engross all the zeal and faith. If there be one earnest Christian of our kin, let us endeavour to equal him.

Joshua 15:19

If earthly parents thus give to their children what they desire, how much more will our heavenly Father bestow upon us more of his Holy Spirit. Some blessings we must fight for, as Othniel fought for Kirjath-sepher; others may be won by prayer, as Achsah gained the field of the abounding springs.

Joshua 21:3, 10-13

Caleb having gained his promised inheritance appears to have shown a noble spirit by generously resigning the city of Hebron to the Levites. He was brave to win, but not greedy to hold.

Joshua 21:12

Thus Caleb had the Lords servants for near neighbours, and the very chief of them lived at his doors. It was well for them to have so valiant a defender, and well for him and his household to have such excellent instructors. God’s ministers are our best friends.

Joshua 21:13

A double honour was thus put upon Caleb’s city. If the Lord will but use our property for his service we will cheerfully give him the best that we have.


O happy soldiers they who serve

Beneath thy banner, Lord!

And glad the task if thou but nerve

Their arm to wield the sword.


Though Satan fiercely rage without,

And fears o’erwhelm within,

Rings in the air Faith’s victor note

“Against the world I’ll win.”



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