“Let me not wander from thy commandments.”

Joshua 24:11-26

Joshua was moved to speak in the name of the Lord, and remind the people of what had been done for them. Having recapitulated the wonders of Egypt and the wilderness, he mentions the Lord’s goodness to them in Canaan.

Joshua 24:12

God can make insects to be more terrible than men-at-arms, and he did so in this case. Israel fought, but her victories were due to a higher arm. After all we can do, our salvation is still of the Lord alone.

Joshua 24:13

Everything which we possess is as much given to us of God as Canaan was to the tribes.

Joshua 24:14, 15

Every man must have a god, the question was, who should be their god? Joshua declares that Jehovah alone should be God to him and to his household. We cannot serve two gods, and it will be a happy thing if in our house we never attempt it, but once for all choose the Lord alone to be our God. May divine grace so direct us.

Joshua 24:16-18

They spoke well, yet not well enough, for they were much too confident in their own resolves. Having so often turned aside, it had been wiser to pray, “Lord, keep us, “than to cry so confidently, “we will” and “we will.”

Joshua 24:19, 20

Joshua reminded them that their promise would not be so easy to keep as they imagined. It is one thing to promise, but quite another to perform. How solemn are the thoughts suggested by the words—”he is a jealous God.” He will not endure a rival, nor tolerate halfhearted service.

Joshua 24:22

With good intent, but far too little self-knowledge, they entered into a covenant which they soon violated: Beware of trusting self in its best mood. It is fickle as the wind.

Joshua 24:23-26

O Lord, we in this house desire to serve thee for ever. Help us by thy grace to be thy beloved children and thy faithful servants.


Lord, I long thy will t’obey

Fain I’d put all sin away;

But that I may serve aright,

Let thy Spirit be my might.


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