“Quicken thou me according to thy word.”

Psalm 119:17-32

As we have now ended the book of Joshua, we will select a few passages from other portions of the Bible before we continue the history. We will again read a part of David’s wonderful panegyric upon the book of God in—

Psalm 119:17

Our lives are preserved by God’s bounty, and should be devoted to his service. True life is the product of rich grace, and always reveals itself by holy obedience to the divine will.

Psalm 119:18

The Scriptures are full of wonders, and especially they reveal him whose name is “Wonderful,” but we need to have our eyes opened by the Holy Spirit, or we shall see nothing aright. Far enough are we by nature from being able to keep the law, for we cannot even understand it without divine teaching.

Psalm 119:19

Stranger as I am to the world, let me not be a stranger to thy will. With thy precepts as my map I shall find my road, even in this foreign country; without them I shall be as a traveller lost in the desert.

Psalm 119:20

His desire was importunate even to heartbreak, and it was constant “at all times.” Such a desire is a sure token that the Spirit of God dwells within.

Psalm 119:21

Pride brings forth error, and error provokes God to inflict the curse, of which his rebukes are but the fore-runners.

Psalm 119:22

The best of men are slandered, their appeal is to God, their comfort is the testimony of their conscience.

Psalm 119:23

He was not so disturbed or disheartened as to give up his faith, but he was in earnest to sustain it with the best spiritual food.

Psalm 119:24

In consequence of his meditating in the word, David was kept both from sadness and perplexity. We can only gain com- fort from the Bible by following its directions, and living upon its doctrines.

Psalm 119:25

Here we find nature’s disease confessed, and a cry directed to the Lord for the only remedy. Dust will cleave to dust; only the divinely regenerated rises to God, and even that needs daily renewal. The Lord has promised us quickening, let us seek it.

Psalm 119:26

Confession into the ear of God is good for the soul, and divine instruction is the best preservative for the life. If we confess past failure, we can only avoid future sin by seeking heavenly teaching.

Psalm 119:27

It were well if all talk were upon such themes. When there is gold in the understanding, our speech will be golden, but how seldom is it so. When God instructs us we talk to profit, but not else.

Psalm 119:28

Lord, when we dissolve with weakness, make thy word to be the bread of heaven to strengthen us.

Psalm 119:29

Take it from me as well as me from it; for its presence is grievous to me:

Psalm 119:30

Like a boy’s copy, or an artist’s model. We cannot learn unless we have our great class-book open before us.

Psalm 119:32

The more God gives us of comfort and knowledge, the more will we serve him. The weight of his grace shall lead us to put off “every weight” of sin. May the Lord make more room in our hearts for himself and his love.


Smile on thy servant, bounteous Lord!

Grant me to live, and keep thy word:

Grant me to view, with eyes unsealed,

The wonders by thy law revealed.


Shine on me still, while far from home,

A stranger here on earth I roam;

While pines my soul with restless love,

Thy righteous judgments, Lord, to prove.


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