VIDEO Apocolypse 2 Revelation The Book Has Been Opened

Mar 10, 2014


Here months have passed since the events of the previous film. Franco Macalousso (Nick Mancuso) has convinced many of those left behind that he is the true Messiah. But is he?

Counter-terrorism expert Thorold Stone (Jeff Fahey) tries to put the pieces of his life together. His wife and daughter were among the millions who vanished in the Rapture. In the course of his investigation of an underground resistance movement, he uncovers a conspiracy that leads to the heart of the new world order. Stone throws in his lot with this group of rebel Christians, which includes journalist Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis), a computer engineer working for One Nation Earth (Tony Nappo), and a beautiful blind cynic (Carol Alt). The “Haters” find themselves in a race against time as the World Government distributes Virtual Reality headsets to every single person on Earth, to be activated on the Messiah’s “Day of Wonders”.

The sinner prayer

Dear God,
I am a sinner and I need forgiveness,
I believe that Jesus your son shed his precious blood and died for my sins,
I am willing to turn from sin,
Dear Jesus I ask you to forgive me of all my sins,
Dear Jesus I ask you to come into my heart and into my life and be my personal Lord and Saviour,

If you wake up one day and hear on the news that millions of people have vanished with their clothes still here that means that Jesus has come for his people just like he said he would and you have been left behind but that doesn’t mean that you can’t accept Jesus and get his forgiveness you might go through some rough times in the future but Jesus will never leave u or forsake you. Accept the gift of salvation now and be sure of heaven when you die

Receive the gift of salvation today while you still have the chance, before it’s too late

I have no rights to this video or music

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