“The Lord weigheth the spirits.”

Proverbs 16:1-16

Let us learn a little of the wisdom of Solomon, from

Proverb 16:1

We are neither able to think nor speak anything aright without divine aid. Especially in prayer, we require to have the heart prepared, and the mouth opened by the Spirit of all grace.

Proverb 16:2

We judge by the eye, superficially, but the Lord uses surer tests, and puts everything into his unerring balances; hence he arrives at a very different conclusion from ours.

Proverb 16:3

Both our bodily and spiritual interests will be safe when we place them in the Lord’s hands, and, through the peace which will result from our faith, our thoughts will become steady, calm, resolute, and joyful.

Proverb 16:4

Let them rebel as they may, he will make them fulfil some purpose in his providential arrangements.

Proverb 16:5

The pride of the wicked makes them abominable, but their power cannot protect them. God will break up all godless societies, however strong they may be.

Proverb 16:7

This the Lord often does, as in the cases of Isaac and Abimelech, Jacob and Esau; but this truth must be qualified by another—the Lord’s enemies will not be at peace with us, let us live as graciously as we may.

Proverb 16:9

Man proposes, but God disposes. Napoleon sneered at this saying, and vowed that he would propose and dispose too, but his end was not far off.

Proverb 16:10

This should be true, and of Solomon it was true, but of many a king the reverse might be spoken. There is one King, the Lord of all, concerning whom this is divinely certain.

Proverb 16:11

Justice should rule everywhere, both on the bench and over the counter. Let us be very exact in all our dealings, lest we grieve the Lord.

Proverb 16:15

This is most true of the King of kings, his wrath is death, his love is life. Those who enjoy the conscious favour of the Lord, know by experience the refreshing and comforting influence of his presence. To walk in the light of God’s countenance is perfect bliss, to lose fellowship with him, is to his chosen the bitterest sorrow.

Proverb 16:16

It is better, much better, none can say how much better. Gold comes from common providence, but grace is the token of electing love. Gold is but a nobler form of earth, but grace is the essence of heaven. Gold is soon spent, but grace abides to enrich us. Gold may be stolen from us, but grace none can take away. Gold and silver cannot comfort us in death, but the true wisdom can. Wealth of precious metals will be useless in eternity, but grace will make us glorious there. Lord, evermore give us understanding through thy Holy Spirit!


Thine for ever! Lord of life,

Shield us through our earthly strife;

Thou the Life, the Truth, the Way,

Guide us to the realms of day.


Thine for ever! O how blest

They who find in thee their rest;

Saviour, guardian, heavenly friend,

O defend us to the end.


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