He is happy Whoso trusteth in the Lord

Proverbs 16:17-33

Proverb 16:17

Keep thy way and God will keep thee; but let it be the Kings highway, the ancient, well-trodden way, marked out by authority, and traversed by the Prince of pilgrims himself.

Proverb 16:18

Pride must have a fall. As the mercury in the barometer foretells the weather, so does pride warn us that a humbling time is near.

Proverb 16:19

It does not seem so, and few would choose it, but the Word of God knows best. The sharer of the spoil is afraid that he may lose it again, and probably is even now discontented and greedy for more, but the lowly mind is satisfied, and so possesses happiness.

Proverb 16:20

To trust God in all our matters is the wise way of handling them. Let us trust him in all things this day.

Proverb 16:21

The really wise will be discovered, and shall have the credit they deserve; and those who can speak attractively increase the knowledge of the people if their own hearts are rightly instructed.

Proverb 16:22

Even his wisdom is ridiculous, When he does his best it is but folly.

Proverb 16:23, 24

Since pleasant words are both sweet and wholesome, let us use many of them. Words out of God’s Word, kind words—words which cause pleasure to others—let us use them from morning to night, and so though we keep no bees, we shall never be without honeycombs.

Proverb 16:26

Our mouth calls daily for bread, and therefore we must work for it. And spiritual bread is to be laboured for, for so the Saviour has told us.

Proverb 16:27

He searches it out, he dives into secrets, he works hard to unearth it. How men will labour for Satan.

Proverb 16:27

Ready to break forth at any moment, and do infinite mischief.

Proverb 16:28

If you have anything to say which you dare not speak out, never say it at all. Whispering against persons is mean to the last degree, and those who listen to it are mean too.

Proverb 16:29, 30

Some shut their eyes and move their lips in prayer, but revengeful men make malice their devotion, they are always thinking of it, and muttering about it to themselves.

Proverb 16:31

Honour, then, all aged saints. Regard them as crowned heads, and treat them with double respect. Old age is honourable by itself, but associated with piety it is venerable.

Proverb 16:32

He conquers himself, he crushes an inward insurrection, and these are the noblest of achievements. The Lord make each one of us gentle and forbearing. Are we of a hot and angry spirit, let us pray for the waters of grace to quench the flames of nature.

Proverb 16:33

Even in trivial matters and matters contingent and accidental, the Lord rules. This is a sweet comfort.


Thine for ever! Saviour keep

These thy frail and trembling sheep;

Safe enclosed beneath thy care,

Let us all thy goodness share.


Thine for ever! thou our Guide,

All our wants by thee supplied,

All our sins by thee forgiven,

Led by thee from earth to heaven.



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